OptiMALE™ 3 C-Ring Set - Thick

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OptiMALE™ 3 C-Ring Set - Thick

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  • Soft, Stretchable Silicone
  • Enhances Size and Girth
  • Prolongs Ejaculation
  • Helps Maintain Long-lasting Erections
Thick - Slate
Thick - Black
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Optimize your experience with these silicone cock rings. The OptiMALE Thick C-Ring Set offers enhanced size and girth with three rings in 40mm 45mm and 50mm diameters. These rings are ultra stretchable for easy use around the shaft or testicles maintaining those long-lasting erections you have always dreamed of and prolonging your ejaculation.

Brand: Doc Johnson

Collection: OptiMALE

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Grey or Black
Dimensions: 1.25"x0.4"


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