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Anal Toys

Don’t forget about your ass! Your anus has a ton of nerve endings and is directly linked to the main pelvic muscles, but for most straight men remains largely untouched due to social stigma. This makes the anus like an abandoned theme park with no lines and great rides. Relax, start small, go slowly, and us plenty of lube — preferably silicone-based. But whatever you do, go find your prostate and play with it! The prostate swells with arousal, so get yourself worked up before you start with penetration. The prostate is located about two inches below the rectum toward your balls. Once you’ve got your toy in the right spot, experiment with moving it to stimulate the prostate in different ways, and try flexing your ass hard (as if you’re trying to hold your pee). Contract your muscles over and over as you move your toy and don’t be surprised if you find yourself gasping with pleasure and begging yourself for more.

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